Free Report: Frictionless Trade

How new technology will power international trade

Despite recent advances, the international shipping industry has a long way to go in terms of fully leveraging the potential of new technologies. Innovation in this sector is crucial to helping the UK to overcome the technical challenges posed by Brexit, but also to its ambition of establishing itself as an open, forward-thinking international trading partner.

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Brief guide to artificial intelligence in shipping

If you look past the prophecies that intelligent machines are going to take over the world and kill us all there are some pretty exciting developments happening in artificial intelligence. Effective AI is reliant on data, as the shipping industry develops better big data capabilities, the opportunity to build new systems that can help humans operate vessels more safely and efficiently is growing. There are already a number of exciting innovations being applied to shipping, and a whole host more outside the industry. In this post, we will give you a snapshot overview of how AI works, and how it’s being applied today in shipping and logistics. Read More

When will shipping have its Lemonade moment?

We’ve all heard of the Kodak moment; when a new technology gets widespread adoption (eg. the digital camera) and customer expectations and needs change so dramatically from your assumptions that it becomes too late to change and you’re left filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (eg. Kodak). Many analysts appear to be waiting with baited breath for the Kodak moment to happen in shipping, and although I believe it will happen to someone at some point, I’m far more interested in the industry having its lemonade moment. Read More